BLANCO MONEE urban digital artist
Blanco Monee is passionate about images, video and street art movements since about twenty five years.
In the mid-1990s he was very active in graffiti movement. His goal was to put his name everywhere and if possible in exclusive and
especially visible places.
Later, with his crew the BM Organisation, they created an independent music label. Composed of about fifteen members, they
have flooded the market for nearly a decade with their multiple productions (mixtapes, albums, compilations...) and performed
countless concerts. They were at the time considered as one of the dopest "Multicultural" crew in Switzerland and especially as one
of the most innovative and precursor in their style.
Blanco has in the logic of things started to take pictures and make covers of most of the productions. Starting from the principle
that one is never better served than by oneself, he also put himself into webdesign and video. He was always looking for the most
effective impact in terms of communication. This was achieved, in addition to the use of traditional media (social media, radio,
TV, newspapers, internet) through the organisation of street marketing campaigns (posters, stencils, stickers, flyers, samples...) at
national level.
His experience gives him a confirmed knowledge and know-how in urban visuals conception, and he now puts his skills and his
expertise at the service of the new generation and people who want to develop those kind of project...
Depending on the requests he also collaborates with other freelancers with the aim of using complementary creative and technical
resources to achieve optimal results.
He is also part of the collective “Corner Talk” a talk show where Semantik & Steezo discuss with their guests over a few drinks
about urban or social topics.
The shows are broadcasted on their Youtube channel.
Creation of digital content for brand, event or artist by offering unique and powerful artistic vision.
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